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What is Discovi Travel?

DISCOVI Travel is on a mission to make fantastical group experiences in destinations you dream of going. For prices that everyone can actually afford. For more clarity of what we exactly do, check out the “How a DISCOVI works” Page.

When was Discovi Travel started?

Discovi was founded in February of 2018

What will happen on this Discovi trip?

Glad you asked, on each Discovi there is a written itinerary of what events will happen on each day

How long are Discovi trips?

All Discovi trips are 8 day longs

How do I see what dates a trip is?

All trip dates are listed on the individual trip page  on the right hand side. Or closer to the bottom of the page on mobile. Or by going to the page checkout page.

Do I have to stay with the group?

Not if you don’t want to. All activities and experiences are optional however we are sure you will love the experiences we have planned. In fact there are many times during the trip where you have chances for solo travel!

I like solo travel, why would I do a group trip?

You wouldn’t that’s why DISCOVI is different. It is the most affordable way to stay in a country. Plus With DISCOVI you get the best of both worlds. Fun travel buds to chill and experience amazing places with and tons of solo travel time to explore the country independently on your own terms. Each DISCOVI experience only takes up half a day. So the other half is all yours! 🙂

How much is a Discovi trip?

All DISCOVI TRAVEL trips start at $499.00…..yes we are serious. (We even have discounts 😊)

What is included in the DISCOVI trip?

Every Discovi trip includes:

Accommodation for 8 days and nights in DISCOVI ACCOMMODATION . In a central location close to everything your gonna want to see and do. 

Our translator/local Guide

DISCOVI Group entry.                                          

Photographer (not necessarily on partner trips)

Awesome curated itinerary full of Cultural experiences and things you cannot miss. 

Tasty Food tour!️

Opportunities for Solo Travel

Airport transfer to the Discovi Accommodation 

What is not included?

  • Flight to and from Destination (unless you have purchased a flight Package)

  • Food & Drink (unless you have purchased a Discovi Meal Pass)

  • Alcohol

  • Transportation not covered by the metro pass or previously stated

  • Optional Excursions

Why are flights are not included?

Many people have different preferences, skymiles, varying locations, some of our DISCOVI  travelers are even flight attendants! Not to mention some only fly business class and don’t fly certain airlines, Therefore with so many variables in the cost of a flight (which we consider a bus with wings) we leave the choice up to you. Plus we don’t want the cost of the DISCOVI Trip itself to have to go up. We want to keep the cost down for awesome people like you! Plus flights aren’t as expensive as you think usually think 😉? (Here’s a link on how to get cheaper flights): https://www.nomadicmatt.com/travel-tips/how-to-find-a-cheap-flight/

How do you make flights cheaper?

There are tons of ways to get cheaper flights. We will periodically email you the best flights for the DISCOVI Trip you have chosen.  Our personal recommendation to find flights by yourself is “Google Flights” and “www.skyscanner.com

Why did you start Discovi?

This is a long answer which you can read about in our about page.…but long story short Lloyd Capehart after living in Japan for 2 years and living in 6 countries in 2018 with only $2000 in savinging wanted to help others have amazing travel experiences like his. He realized the price of travel was too high for most people. So he created DISCOVI as a way for people to travel the world for a lot less money while giving a much more authentic and cultural experience than most will ever have.

Is this a scam?

Nope this is just our passion, we work ridiculously hard to create some of the coolest travel experiences out there in countries all around the world using local and expat knowledge about the country. Our mission is to change what it means to travel for an entire generation of travelers. Their are much less ambitious scams.

Why is the price so low?

Why are everyone else’s prices so high? We could charge much more but we don’t want something as small as money to prevent people from traveling their world. The price is what it needs to be for us to continue to provide our DISCOVI experiences, the DISCOVI House and keep our awesome local and country insiders paid and happy.