About Discovi Travel

About Discovi Travel

Why we do this:

We want to end the stigma of traveling being so expensive and honestly we just want to have a lot of fun with new friends from across the world. We want people to be able to see travel in a new way, making them able to think differently in the future.

When you travel to a culture that is not your own, something amazing happens. You are suddenly awakened to how big the world really is. Your mind expands and your sense of everything gets heightened. However it is regrettable that not everyone thinks that they can experience these things. This sad truth lead us to look at the whole travel industry to figure out what it is that makes it so inaccessible. We believe those are the four main obstacles :

  • Money

  • Representation

  • Knowledge

  • And Fear



Money: is obviously a huge factor in traveling. But in reality, it’s more of a perceived high cost, like the needle at the doctor’s office, it hurts a lot less than you think. Flight deals and the internet have made travel super cheap, and with companies like DISCOVI Travel around (shameless plug), it’s even more affordable to go where you have always dreamed.


  • Local Travel
  • Research
  • Real Experiences
  • Like Minded Travel groups
  • small groups for big engaging experiences
  • Quality
  • All Itineraries based on lived experience


Representation: Let’s speak bluntly for a minute. Travel is not marketed neither to young people of color or minorities! And that is terrible because we are definitely interested. We are underserved communities. If you look at the top travel sites you don’t usually see smiling faces of people of color, or a loving LGBTQ couple. So DISCOVI makes it a mission to serve EVERYONE, whether that be the Black, Indian, Asian, White, Latino, Native American or Middle Eastern community or any other groups not usually served . EVERYONE DESERVES TO SEE THEIR WORLD AND BE SEEN IN THE WORLD


Knowledge:  Because that’s really and truly the only way we can truly gain knowledge. If you don’t know you don’t go. We aren’t taught about travel in America we aren’t told that it is a necessity. But we at DISCOVI believe traveling to another culture, experiencing life differently for a while, are unbelievably eye opening and priceless ways to evolve (even though we’ve put a very low price on it). A vacation is one thing, but a DISCOVI is so much more. You experience new countries and cultures but you will also experience a new YOU. In an unfamiliar place you may find yourself most at ease.

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